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"With a strong hand and an outstretched arm, your Mercy and Lovingkindness endure forever."         -Psalm 136:12
How much does a home inspection cost?

  • Up  to 1,500 sqft:           $250.00
  • 1,501 - 2,500 sqft:          $275.00
  • 2,501 - 3,000 sqft:          $300.00
  • 3,001 - 3,500 sqft:          $350.00
  • 3,501 - 4,000 sqft:          $400.00
  • 4,001 sqft +                     Call for quote

* Follow up Inspections:$50.00
* Insurance Mitigation
   Inspections:        $50.00

(All prices are subject to change)
(Inspection appointments outside of Mobile County will be subject to an additional $50 distance charge)
Homeowners Insurance Mitgation inspections.

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How soon can an inspection be performed? How long does it take? Can I attend?
A home inspection will typically require 2 - 3 hours depending upon the size of the home and its status (vacant or occupied).  This is due to all of the systems that need to be inspected and the time I take to explain any findings to the client.
Typically, a home inspection can be scheduled and performed within 48 hours. However, market conditions may  effect the how readily the inspection can be performed. A final report along with digital photos are delivered within 24 hours of completion.
Clients are also encourage to arrive towards the end of the inspection and to ask as many questions as they need. This is a personal service for which you are paying and have a right to expect courteous and knowledgeable attention.
What all is covered in a home inspection report?
Every home inspection typically includes:
Plumbing Systems & Appliances  Electical Systems
HVAC systems                                                       Foundation & Crawl Space (as accessible)
Roofing & Attic (as accessible)                Windows/ Doors
Installed Kitchen Appliances          Fireplace/ Chimney
         Pools Garage/ Workshops
Exterior Siding     Deck/ Patio
Topography/ Drainage (Note: all utilities must be on)
Note: I do not perfom tests for mold, Radon, Lead, asbestos or imported Chinese drywall.  Any evidence of the possible existence of these itmes will be noted in the report for further professional evaluation and repair.
What are the accepted forms of payment for a home inspection?
  • Cash (receipt  will be provided on-site as well as included in the final report)
  • Personal Check
  • Money Order
  • Cashiers' or Bank Check
  • Credit or Debit card  (Visa, M/C, Discover or American Express)