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Providing Clear Information and Professional Service.

As Complete Home Inspections LLC, I have been providing professional home inspections since first starting in January of 2003.  Every day, on every inspection, my goal is to provide my clients with a prompt, friendly, and professional service throughout the entire Lower Alabama region.

A SECRET TO SUCCESS: A personal approach to a professional service.
The CHI visual inspection report covers every accessible facet of a typical residence; electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing and attics, foundations, crawl spaces, even pools. Once completed, I personally go over the report on-site with the client and followup within 24 hours with the final report and digital pictures of the issues in question.  It is imperative the client leave the property being as fully aware as possible of the overall condition of the home at the end of the inspection.

"Tambien, si necesita, se habla espaniol."

I genuinely care about my clients  and attempt to go above and beyond  by providing them with the information they can understand and use.  I do all this while providing a professional home inspection at a competitive value.

Don't buy your next home without a professional inspection.
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Weekend Inspections are available at no extra cost
Inspection reports & photos are emailed in a PDF format within a 24 hour period

"For You alone, Yahweh, reveal deep and secret things. You know what is in darkness and light  dwells with  You."        -Daniel 2; 2
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